toddler playing in the raintoddler playing in the rain

Play in the rain: Encourages physical development

For young kids, there’s nothing better than mud puddles! Jump around in puddles, splash mum and dad or listen to the sound of the raindrops on your umbrella. This rainy outdoor time allows kids to face the fear of getting wet, or perhaps being uncomfortable, and embrace the joy in the moment.

Get some exercise

Exercise is fantastic for kids’ brains and bodies. Outdoor exercise is even better as it gives them a healthy dose of fresh air.

Learn about depth

Playing in puddles is a potent sensory experience for kids. They can explore how it feels to be stuck in mud, hear the squelching of sogginess on their boots, see the clear or murky water, and learn about depth as they step into the water.

An early lesson in physics

Your child can explore depth, width, and length (that is, space and distance) as they try to discover whether they can jump to the other side of the puddles on a wet day.