toddler watering veggie gardentoddler watering veggie garden

Plant a veggie patch: Helps them master new skills

Time in the garden is a great chance for children to learn, struggle, develop, and build their resilience. The skills they develop from using their hands (even if it’s messy) and figuring out how things work, shape their body and minds. And because they’ll need help digging holes and planting seeds, it’s an excellent way to teach them to ask for help.

Grow their confidence

As toddlers watch their veggies grow, so does their confidence. They are discovering that their own actions can create something new and amazing (and tasty).

Dirty hands are dexterous hands

Digging, scooping, scraping and patting dirt are all great for developing the growing brain. As a bonus, exposure to dirt may play a role in helping to develop a strong, robust immune system!

From little things, big things grow

While they may seem simple at first, mastering basic skills like digging holes and handling a watering can will lay the groundwork for more complex skills later in life.