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Make a new friend at the park: Builds emotional connections

Ever wonder why some kids want to be friends with everyone? It’s because humans are wired to connect. Encouraging your child to make a new friend at the park helps them see that you trust them and their decision-making. While toddlers lack communication skills and prefer parallel play (playing adjacent to each other rather than with each other), helping kids make new friends will build their social skills in important ways.

Build friendships

Family and friends are at the heart of resilience. Learning how to build these relationships is essential to bouncing back from hard situations.

Develop new social skills

Reaching out to a new friend is a hard-earned skill. Learning to do it gives our kids a sense of competence and mastery. Plus, they’ll make loads of new buddies!

See healthy risks and happy outcomes

Healthy risks are great. Healthy risks with happy outcomes are even better. And kids taking a risk to make a friend, that’s the best.