toddler kicking balltoddler kicking ball

Kick a ball around the backyard: Builds gross motor skills

Kicking a ball is great exercise for children and a complex task for any toddler. But it’s one that gives them a chance to improve coordination and learn from mistakes. They will likely miss and even fall over (cue tears), but as we offer gentle encouragement and support, we help them overcome adversity and build competence – both core components of resilience.


Exercise isn’t only great for the body, but also the mind! Movement builds our brain and wellbeing. It jumpstarts motivation, boosts creativity, and stimulates development, even for little ones!

Get outside

Nature is fuel for the soul – even a toddler’s soul! Fresh air and sunlight are a winning combination, no matter what you’re doing. Studies show green-time can enhance your child’s development and resiliency.

Emotional connections

Playing together with parents or friends builds trusting connections as they experience fun times and developmental progress together. And trust is the cornerstone of emotional connection.