child playing with play doughchild playing with play dough

Have fun with play dough: Builds emotional connections

Creating play dough out of flour, water and salt is a fun activity for toddlers. Not only does it let them express their creativity, which is great for their sense of independence, but when done together, it builds strong connections that help our child know she or he is worthy of our love and cuddles.

Strengthen socio-emotional skills

Just as we mould play dough, we mould our kids’ social skills as they enjoy cooperative, open-ended, creative play.

Develop dexterity

Squishing, tearing and shaping play dough is great for strengthening and developing their fine motor skills, which is the coordination of small muscles with their eyes and brain. Their sense of self-movement and body position (called proprioception) also grows with pushing, rolling, and squeezing.

Work on solving dilemmas

Play dough offers little dilemmas to solve. What can I use for a roller? How can I make a circle? These problems are just the right size for our young children to solve.