toddler on playground smilingtoddler on playground smiling

Climb up stairs or over play equipment: Promotes healthy risk-taking

Climbing stairs and clambering over playground equipment may seem like risky activities for toddlers, but it’s this type of healthy risk-taking that is excellent for building resilience. Age-appropriate and relatively safe ‘risks’ teach our children to face fears, build strength, develop self-belief, and learn the limit of their abilities.

Practice problem solving

Play equipment and stairs provide loads of obstacles for toddlers to figure out and conquer, like climbing, balancing, swinging, hanging and more – all of which requires problem solving and courage.

Manage risks and understand limits

As our toddler takes small risks, she or he tests boundaries and flirts with uncertainty. Research shows this increases their physical health, social skills, confidence, and resilience. It’s exhilarating when there’s modest amounts of risk.

Learning to ask for help

When the task feels too risky, your child will reach out for help, which is key to resilience. It’s then up to us to be supportive, but not remove our children from developmentally appropriate challenges.