toddler baking cookies with parentstoddler baking cookies with parents

Bake cookies with your parents: Helps them embrace mistakes

Toddlers LOVE cooking in the kitchen (or anywhere!), but it can be messy. There are many benefits of cooking with children, so take this as an opportunity to model resilience for your toddler. When there is the inevitable flour spill or burnt cookies, show them that it’s OK. Seeing resilience in others teaches kids resilience.

Be a master chef

Kids will feel a true sense of accomplishment from making delicious healthy snacks (especially if you tell them how yummy they are). Feeling this sense of mastery now gives them an appetite to tackle bigger challenges in the future.

Baking means love

This might not be 100% true, but spending time together, baking, does help your child feel your love. That is essential to resiliency.

Practice problem-solving

Mixing, pouring, stirring and tasting all require problem-solving skills for our toddlers, and are the perfect platform for solving bigger challenges down the track.